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Bhoj Palace

At The River Castle we believe in the cosmic nature of Food and consider it to be at the canter of Life, food or anna as prana itself. Without food we would not be and so we have designed Bhoj Palace, our one-of-its-kind 900 seat restaurant where Food is not just our business, it is our passion.

Bhoj Palace is envisioned as the largest restaurant in the country and is expected to be the newest culinary hotspot. We will have it all at the Bhoj Palace. Whether you prefer Crepes or Dosas, whether you enjoy a traditional Caesar salad or a Navratan qorma, whether Pulao is more your thing or Paella, our award winning chefs will delight in whipping up culinary gems out of gourmet menus from a variety of international cuisines. Eating at Bhoj Palace is not restricted by our menus, you may order anything you desire and have the talented chefs cater to your dietary preferences and health needs.

If you like thick shakes with your all American dinners then choose from the extensive menu of healthy drinks. If you want to go vegan, sip the refreshing water of a fresh coconut or relish the freshly squeezed juice from a tropical orange home grown in our very own orchards. The most innovative mixologists will stir and shake mocktails you won’t be able to resist, so an evening spent sipping away at our signature drinks will be an evening you’re not likely to forget.

Its aesthetic interiors are designed for enjoying your meals at leisure whether indoors or al fresco. Wide aisles and floor to ceiling windows make for an abundance of space and light. Ensconced in a plush armchair you can enjoy the privacy of beautifully designed enclosures or choose a table on the beautifully landscaped terrace for a candle light dinner under the stars.

The heart of the sprawling restaurant is its hi-tech kitchen spreading over 12000 sq.ft. Equipped with the latest in commercial kitchens, the sparkling work surfaces and state of the art appliances ensure perfectly healthy and hygienic meals. To ensure that the food you eat not only titillates your taste buds but also provides wholesome nourishment, all the produce used at Bhoj Palace is internally sourced from our organic farms making the restaurant a sustainable enterprise.