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Our belief in Sustainability

The foundation of our development is sustainable living. We truly believe that sustainability is the way forward for a rewarding future. To be one with ourselves we have to be one with nature and to that end going green is the only way.

Organic Farming and Plantation:

Our extensive kitchens are stocked from our own farms painstakingly nurtured to give us the best of organic produce. Our spice gardens produce not only a large variety of flavourful and aromatic spices from around the world but also exotic herbs, grown fresh and used to create the most delectable dishes.

More than 100 acres of land is devoted to the plantation of fruits and vegetables alone ensuring that whatever comes on your plate is not only fresh but also healthy. Our endeavour to use only compost and green manure and avoid any chemical fertilisers, growth agents and seeds is aimed at meeting all standards for organic farming laid out by the National Program for Organic Production and will give us the credentials to apply for their certification.

So when you bite into an apple at The River Castle, or take in a forkful of tossed green salad you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re biting into wholesome goodness of fresh produce coming to you as pure as any you will find in the world.

Reducing Carbon Footprint:

To truly make our development sustainable we plan to establish environment friendly measures in every sphere of the project and not just our kitchens.

Keeping power consumption at the lowest, we have solar powered LED lighting installed with motion sensors. Our fleet of electric cars and buggies will ensure minimum emissions and our laundry will be equipped with automated machines ensuring minimum wastage of water. Rain water harvesting, in-house power generation at our 4 megawatt solar power plant and an effective waste management and recycling centre will help us meet our green goals.