• The River Castle

    Bringing together your Body, Mind and Soul


he River Castle

at Naimisharanya is a dream. A dream that has never been sighted by any other real-estate company in India.

We've been inspired by two things. Your constant search for the best and your need for some quality R & R. Taking a break for some much needed rejuvenation is easier said than done. Even if you do find the time, how do you find the right place?

The River Castle
Redefines the Root Of our Existence

At The River Castle we bring together the power of all the elements: the nurturing nature of Earth, Fire's ability to purify and light up, Water's gift of cleansing and washing away bad vibes, the ability of Air to lighten our hearts and make everything fresh and lastly all the energy of Space, allowing us to unite the forces within us and use all our strengths to become the best version of ourselves.

  • Earth
    THOU, of a truth, O Prthivi, bearest the tool that rends the hills: Thou rich in torrents, who with might quickenest earth, O Mighty One.

    Rig Veda 5/84

    The Earth so potent that it has the power to give life from its womb and provide food for mankind is also mighty enough to shape mountains and move itself. The mighty earth is gentle and giving, like a mother it wraps us in its arms and gives us a place to lay down our heads and rest. It symbolises everything that is steady and nurturing.
  • economic engine
    Waters which come from Heaven, or those that wander dug from the Earth, or flowing free by nature, bright, purifying, speeding to the Ocean, here let those Waters. Goddesses, protect me.

    Rig Veda 7/49

    Water is everywhere. It comes down as rain, languishes in lakes and flows in rivers to the mighty seas. There is as much of it in us as it is around us. It is clear and bright and purifying. It is the elixir that cleanses not only our bodies but our souls bringing us health and positive thoughts.
  • built from <br/>the ground up
    To Thee, dispeller of the night, O Agni, day by day with prayer, bringing thee reverence we come ruler of sacrifice, guard of Law eternal, radiant One, Increasing in thine own abode.

    Rig Veda 1/1

    Fire, bringing light and heat and the power to purify is venerated in scripture. It dispels everything dark, not only around us but also within us, bringing optimism, hope and determination. Fire symbolises justice and goodness and nudges us in the direction of what is right, freeing the human spirit from malice.
  • humanity-centered
    Removing curses, drawn by teams, with Indira seated by thy side, O Vayu May nine and ninety harnessed steeds who yoke them at thy will bring thee.

    Rig Veda 4/48

    Air is considered as the element that has the power to purify by bringing with it substances that heal. It is so mighty that it races like the wind as if it was driven by a team of a hundred horses. There is as much of it in us and there is around us. It is one of the elements the human body is made up of and its movement within us affects our health, both mental and physical. It is said to have the power to blow away anything unfavourable and bring to us everything that is fresh, healthy and wholesome.
  • humanity-centered
    Verily, from this self (Atman) - is Akasha (space) born; from akasha, the air; from air the fire; from fire the water; from water the earth; from earth the plants; from plants the food; from the food, man.


    Space is the element of origin. It is where all of creation began. It is what gives life to all of nature. Everything that we are, everything that we do and create stems from space. It is the vast expanse of energy from which we source the power to think and feel, the power to be every minute of every day.

The River Castle

What's coming at Phase One?

When it has fully come to life, The River Castle will be a township of godly proportions. Right now, at the beginning, Phase One is a 150 acres property that will be doubled by the end of this phase.