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Where is this dream destination?

When you travel to The River Castle, you not only travel to a unique place; you also travel to another place in time. Scripture speaks of the four yuga, each yuga an age in time. The Krita yuga was also the Satya yuga—the time of truth, an age of perfection where Dharma and righteousness reigned supreme in the hearts of men. However, from the Treta Yuga adharma, sin and evil creep into the human consciousness and take away the purity of morals slowly and steadily until the world moves from the Dwapar Yuga and comes into the Kal Yuga, where goodness is rare and corruption is rife, where evil reigns and men struggle to maintain the moral compass.

In the Kal Yuga of today, imagine a place unadulterated by the darkness of any evil. Imagine a place so pure, so devoid of negativity that it glows with the warmth of spirituality. A place from thousands of years ago, preserved with the wholesome graciousness of virtue and truth, a place that has been hidden away since Satya Yuga, keeping alive a world unsullied and untainted by the degenerate modern life.

In the heart of the land of Bharat is just such a place, the forest of Naimisaranya, its unspoilt forest watched silently by a meandering Gomti. The river lends its holy waters to the dense green of Naimisaranya, allowing the aura of this enchanted land to keep alive its rich and sacred history. A lot has happened in the lap of Naimisaranya. The forest has been home to great sages who not only made it their home but also brought out the Vedas, Mahapuranas, and Shastras from the foliage of this land of truth. In fact, the great sage Narada is said to have chosen the forest of Naimisa as one of the three most holy places of pilgrimage.

Tulsidas retreated to Naimisaranya and used the positive energy of the lush greenery as inspiration for the Ramcharitmanas. After all, Lord Rama is said to have spent time in these forests and performed the sacred Ashwamedha Yagna here, and it is finally the land of this holy forest where Goddess Sita is said to have allowed Mother Earth to take her into its folds.

To feel the full force of the purity of the Naimisa forest, it is advised to take a dip into the river on amavasya, or new moon night. Come to Naimisaranya to feel the magical beauty of Utopia and wash away everything that is negative, to walk into a land that holds the untainted candor of history and travel back in time to a place that is as pure as the peace that you seek. Travel back to a land that was as it was thousands of years ago.

Travel back to Satya Yug. Travel to Naimisaranya.