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What is The River Castle?

The River Castle at Naimisaranya is a dream. A dream that has never been sighted by any other real-estate company in India.

We’ve been inspired by two things. Your constant search for the best and your need for some quality R & R. Taking a break for some much needed rejuvenation is easier said than done. Even if you do find the time, how do you find the right place?

And what if it’s not just a holiday you’re after? What if you are looking for a holistic break? What if you’re craving a re-awakening in yourself, re-energising your Self and not just your body, a deeper, more intense and immersive rejuvenation experience?

That’s where we come in.

The Bhagvad Gita says, “Earth, water, fire, air, akasha, mind, intellect, and ego – these are the eight divisions of my prakriti.” Based on this philosophy, we are creating a hideaway where you can bring together your body, mind and soul by connecting your inner self with the five elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Once you are with us, you can be ensconced in unparalleled comfort along with the untold power of spirituality. You can explore your inner self by enjoying our luxurious hospitality and the tranquillity of nature in an experience that is at once relaxing and thrilling.

Welcome to The River Castle at Naimisaranya, a sanctuary that offers unmatched grandeur in the lap of unspoiled nature.