Welcome To The River Castle at Namisharanya
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Bringing together your Body, Mind and Soul

We know that you have come to The River Castle to allow your Self to be in one place and get your body, mind and soul to come together, unite and coalesce. To ensure you have everything you could ever ask for to make this union happen The River Castle has a plethora of activities, both indoor and outdoor each designed with an element of nature in mind to bring you to a heightened sense of being. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to the activities you can indulge in, each activity bringing you closer to Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. You may opt to do any or all of these while you reenergize and recharge:

1. Engage with our landscape: The ambiance of the resort will provide an enthralling feeling with rivers, rolling plains, water streams, jungles, and meditation ground, allowing you to experience all the richness of Earth within a confined space.

2. Play at our Fun Zone: The recreational activities available at the resort are aimed to stimulate your imagination. Our Gaming Zone includes games and activities for guests of all ages. We are equipped to offer Go-Karting, Air Gun Shooting, Archery, and Paintball. For little ones, we have Parks with innovative swings and slides, Mazes, obstacle courses, Bouncy Castles, Sandpits, and Trampolines. For you, we have the Fitness and Games Club with a fully equipped and professionally coached Gymnasium as well as world-class Tennis courts, Volleyball courts apart from beach volleyball, basketball, and handball.

3. Set off on an adventure: What’s a holiday without some thrill and exhilaration? If you want your heart racing and wind blowing through your hair go Bungee jumping or go Zorbing down one of our greens. Cross a Burma bridge or go Rock Climbing, take the Zip Line, or be up in the air in our hot air balloon. If it's flying you want in earnest, take a Chopper ride instead.

4. Indulge in self-care: To help relieve tired muscles come to ShantChitt, our Spa and Wellness Center where you can opt for a variety of relaxing Massages and Body Treatments or explore our naturopathy options like Reiki, Sujok Therapy, Acupuncture, and Acupressure, aqua-jogging and water aerobics If all you want is to pamper yourself then choose from our wide range of facials, manicures, and pedicures and feel your natural glow return in form.

5. Interact with Nature: Take a walk in the butterfly garden and soak in the beauty of these colorful creatures, or join us on one of our many organized trekking events or enjoy immersive nature walks with highly acclaimed naturalists. In the winter months, you’ll find a great opportunity for Bird watching and if you’d rather be by the river, why not go Angling instead to soothe your nerves?

6. Enrich your intellect: Our Museum and Picture Gallery has photographs, artifacts, paintings, and curios from Naimisaranya giving you a deeper look into the history of this enchanting land. If sound stimulates you, come down to our Amphitheatre for a Light and Sound Show or a Laser Display. Here we also host Live Bands and musical concerts from various genres of music.

7. Titillate your taste buds: If it’s real food you’re craving, The River Castle offers you a variety of culinary with gourmet menus from a vast range of world cuisines. Bhoj Palace, our central restaurant has a seating of 700+, and the Chefs delight in preparing delectable and innovative dishes taking into account your personal dietary preferences and restrictions. If you’re busy playing we also have a Food Street in the Game Zone where you can indulge in street foods from more than 15 countries.

8. Awaken your spirituality: If you’re now relaxed and ready to look within join us for our organized Circle Time where you get to open up about yourself and inculcate important spiritual skills. Storytelling sessions around the warmth and glow of campfires bring out experiences and life lessons that will help you answer many a question in work and life. For the more advanced spiritualist, we have Yoga and Meditation facilitated by qualified professionals to help both body and mind sync with your soul.

9. Have a holistic customized experience: If you want us to plan your stay with us and curate an experiential program that brings together all our elements we will be more than happy to customize one for you. Join us alone, with your family, or with your team, and have a rejuvenation experience that is designed personally for you.