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Water - the element of nature that has the property to drown our sorrows, wash away our negativity, and allow us to float free of our cares and burdens. It is the element that has the capacity to mitigate our weaknesses by taking us into its fold and letting us feel one with it.

At The River Castle, we revere water for its life-giving nature and have created large spaces for it. Clear blue surfaces are as soothing to the eye as they are calming to the soul. Whether you're taking a dip in your private swimming pool, walking along the banks of the sacred Gomti River, or sitting on the poolside at our mega water attraction, Piscine, you'll be close to water everywhere at The River Castle.

Piscine is almost as large as 4 Olympic-sized swimming pools combined; its vast crystal waters create a vista of tranquility so deep that it has the power to draw you in no matter what mood you're in. Artistically designed to cascade in three tiers, Piscine will be beautified by an array of fountains along its edges, with its show-stopper rising high into clear blue skies.

Piscine is not just a part of our landscape. It is the playground for lovers of all types of water sports and games. Whether you like to swim laps and sluice through the water at breathtaking speed or enjoy team and group games like water polo, water volleyball, or water basketball, our mega pool is the place for you. You can jump into the water from the edge or dive using our professionally designed diving boards. Either way, the deep, clear waters of Piscine will envelope you in their soothing calmness.

Designed for kids as well as adults, Piscine has a child-safe area meant for kids of all ages, from infants onwards. Expert swimmers and lifeguards ensure that Piscine is manned at all times and is safe both day and night.

On one edge, the poolside is bordered by carefully manicured lawns; on the other, the creatively landscaped terrace of the Bhoj Palace allows you to enjoy soulful music from the live band in the evening and sip on one of our signature cocktails. So whether you like to be in the water by day or just sit beside its pure blue surface in the evening and enjoy your drinks, Piscine is the place for you.